Infographics and Illustrations: How they used to be done…#1

Just an excuse to show some of my old work before the daily use of a Apple Mac was involved.

I was working as a freelancer when this was done and I was involved with the gardening section of the Sunday Times at the time. It was always good to see my illustrations on the back page of the garden section. My contact and gardening expert at the time was Graham Rose.

This was taken from sketches I made of actual gardens in-situ (mostly London based) and then drawn up to scale and design on CS10 paper and Rotring pens, with lots of scraping out of ink blots!. The numbers were glued on using the wonderful Cow Gum.


inset to show some of the detail…

One more…

and again, an inset to show the detail.

More to come in #2 with watercolours, Tomatoes, overlays, CMYK markups, and a Nautilus…

26 February 2019



3 thoughts on “Infographics and Illustrations: How they used to be done…#1

  1. Mairi Wickett

    I have a BA hons in fine art and I love beautiful drawing, they are stunning! Hours of work and great patience, if you felt generous you could allow an organisation close to your heart to print them as cards or limited edition prints and then lots more people could enjoy them….Mairi Wickett, Co-Founder and Director of WITT (energy harvesting solution) vbw Mairi

    1. Nigel Hawtin Post author

      Thank you, Mairi for your lovely comments. That is a great idea and something that I have been thinking about for some time now as I have a few botanical illustrations that would work in this way. Will give it some more thought now.

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