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Infographic and editorial Design

Infographics should always be driven by the information and effective visual information can enhance understanding and help tell your story – contact me to find out how

Consultancy and Training

Interested in attending one of my courses or would like me to visit your company to conduct a workshop in effective infographic and information design, then contact me for a chat.

“Thank you for delivering such a brilliant course…the group are looking forward to putting what we learnt into practice!”

“Thank you for the fun two days!”

“…an excellent and thought provoking day…we can take the learning and put it into practice immediately…”

“I re-designed my ppt entirely based on your advice….It actually looked professional afterwards! Much appreciated”

“A rewarding course that gives me fresh perspective looking at graphics

“I have learnt much about infographics. Really interesting!”

“10/10, have learned so much and had fun”

More courses will be planned during the year, so please come back to see the schedule

Upcoming courses


September: Singapore Maitre Allianz 

July: Social Research Association 

May: Social Research Association 

February: Singapore Maitre Allianz 

February: Social Research Association 

February: In-Person iCAST University of Bath



November: In-Person Edinburgh

November: In-Person Singapore

October: Social Research Association 

October: In-Person BTO

September: Social Research Association 

July: Social Research Association 

July: In-Person Cardiff

June: In-Person Cardiff

May: Singapore

April: In-Person Cardiff

March: Social Research Association

January: Social Research Association


June 11: Online Social Research Association

April 15: Online Social Research Association

April 14: Online: Medical Journalists Association ‘Lunch and Learn’ Infographics

February 18: Online Social Research Association


We are back up and running and courses are now being conducted via zoom

May 20:London, Social Research Association. Postponed

May 14-15: Singapore Infographic Essentials Maitre Allianz. Postponed

May 11-12: Singapore The Power of Visuals Singapore Civil Service College.  Postponed

April 01: Edinburgh, Social Research Association

March 19-20: Singapore Infographic Essentials Maitre Allianz – Postponed

March 16-17: Singapore The Power of Visuals Singapore Civil Service College – Postponed

March 11: London Storytelling with Infographics

March 03: Mold, Public Health Wales

February 26: Cardiff, Wales Institute of Social & Economic Research

February 10: Cardiff, Public Health Wales

January 14: Liverpool Social Research Association


November 26-27: Infographic Essentials Maitre Allianz 

November 10: Keynote speaker 2019 ASA, CSSA and SSSA

October 29: London  Social Research Association

October 14-15: The Power of Visuals Singapore Civil Service College

October 09: London Storytelling with Infographics

September 19: Edinburgh  Social Research Association

August 29: London  Social Research Association

July 25-26: Edinburgh Standard Life Aberdeen  

May 27-28: Infographic essentials Maitre Allianz 

May 16: Storytelling with Infographics as part of

May 6-7: The Power of Visuals Singapore Civil Service College

February 28: Datavisualisation and  Infographics  Social Research Association

January 29: Datavisualisation and  Infographics for Social Research Association


October 31st-1 November: Infographic Essentials

October 31st-1 November: Infographic Essentials Maitre Allianz 

October 29-30th 2018: Turning data into effective visuals, Singtel SG

October 1-2nd 2018: The Power of Visuals Singapore Civil Service College

September 27 2018: Public Health Wales. Wrexham

July 27-28th: Infographics Maitre Allianz Singapore

July 25-26th 2018: Turning data into effective visuals, Singtel SG

July 20th 2018: The essentials of infographic Design Heritage Lottery Fund

May 7-8th 2018: The Power of Visuals Singapore Civil Service College

March 28-29th 2018: Turning data into effective visuals, Singtel SG

March 26-27th 2018: Infographics Maitre Allianz Singapore

March 7th 2018: Storytelling with Infographics: as part of Newsrewired

4-5 October, 2017: Turning data into effective visuals, Singtel SG

2-3 October, 2017: The Power of Visuals, Singapore Civil Service College

20th September, 2017: Storytelling with Infographics:
1 day course: How to visualise your story and data effectively

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