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New report and graphic with Greenpeace science unit

A new report from Greenpeace science unit was launched recently looking at how a rusting oil tanker, the FSO Safer, could end up triggering a major environmental and humanitarian disaster in and around the Red Sea.

I produced the infographics in collaboration with Greenpeace and Kathryn Millar, an environmental researcher. You can find the report here…

…and here are the graphics…

Migration routes of the Cuckoo

Cuckoo graphics

I am working with the good folks at the BTO (British Trust for Ornithology) on some of the graphics across their wide range of publications in print and online.

Cuckoo BTO

Yesterday their latest research ‘Cuckoo declines linked to migration routes to Africa was published in Nature Communications.

To coincide with the publication I produced a graphic for the publication online showing the different routes used by the tagged Cuckoos on their way to Africa and back.

Cuckoo migration graphic

For sharing on social media we also produced an animated gif showing the same information. This was produced to be readable on a mobile screen and a useful thing to do for promotional purposes. The animation doesn’t work here so please look at pic.twitter.com/Fkj2dEP1lC



Thanks to all at the BTO including Mike Toms and Viola Ross-Smith for all their help and a great paper.