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Life after a ‘proper job’ – A year of freelancing

It’s been a year now since I left New Scientist magazine to pursue a career running my own business and working for myself – and what an interesting year it has been.

Leaving a secure job after 25 years is a major step. You get very used to the office environment and a monthly wage, so stepping away from that is hard and a worry. Will I survive? Will I get any work? Will I like working for myself? but I needed to do something else…

It was something that I had been thinking about for a while and so had been building up my freelance contacts and presentation skills in London and abroad.

My final day at New Scientist was Christmas Eve, so I left with a fuzzy head ready for a new start on January 1st – as it happened I was busy from day one.

Christmas was spent setting up my company and registering 

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I hit the ground running with a couple of projects designing graphics for a company report as well as consultancy work – a brilliant feeling – I actually had work and the prospect of money coming in. Since that first commission, I have rarely stopped.

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So life after a ‘proper’ job is good. I have been extremely lucky to have had plenty of interesting work in my first year,

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from one-off projects, regular consultancy and training days, to working alongside talented teams of designers and coders.

Life is certainly more interesting. New opportunities appear all the time and when I do get some free time, I can update and improve my skills, as well as being able to jump in the car and do some walking and birdwatching – what could be better!

BTO Breeding Birds Survey 2015

BTO Breeding Birds Survey 2015

Many thanks to all those who have commissioned me this year as well as to the teams of talented people I have worked with. There are too many to mention, but you know who you are.

It had been rewarding, exciting and a bit nerve-wracking to be honest, but I am looking forward to more of it in 2016…

Have a look at my blog or latest projects to see what I have up to lately and I look forward to designing more story-telling data next year.

Here’s to 2016