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Hand-drawn and painted early work

I have just ventured into the loft of our house (not been up there for ages) and discovered a couple of my old portfolios covered in dust, and so decided to have a look…it brings back many great memories.

I trained as a medical, botanical and scientific illustrator and because of my background I often talk about the importance of sketching ideas and thoughts before diving into any infographic and, I suppose, this is one of the reasons that I think this way. 


but thought I should back it up with some more very early infographics and illustrations. All hand painted watercolours and pencil work and some using the trusty Rotring pens and CS10 paper.

weeds guide

Poster: A Guide to Lawn Weeds. Watercolour


Detail of Daisy. Watercolour


Dragonfly nymph. Pencil

dolphin skull

Skull of toothed Whales. Rotring Pen

I may add more as I find them and if I think they are worth posting

D-Day tank graphic

It was the 72nd anniversary of D-Day yesterday and BBC Future commemorated it by posting a story about the strange tanks that were converted to help the troops come ashore.

I was commissioned to produce a graphic showing the converted, and really quite wacky tanks.


and thought it would be useful to see my preparatory sketches for this – as with any graphic or visual, the understanding of the purpose and the sketching of ideas is all important, so here goes

image001 image002